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Gloria Sarfo and others slam blogger for implicating Akuapem Poloo’s son in interview

In the interview, she claimed that after her conviction, she told her son that she was going to spend three months in Nigeria to work. She said her mother even helped convince her son.

“I love him so much, he’s the reason I’m in pain. If I didn’t have kids, maybe I would come to social media, ”she revealed in an interview spotted by

“I told him I was going to work in Nigeria. My mother told her I was going to work, ”she added.

But after AKuapem Poloo revealed this, the interviewer decided to satisfy his curiosity by interviewing Poloo’s son to confirm the truth.

He was immediately criticized by actress Gloria Sarfo and her own social media followers.

“Aah Sammy, that’s not good… why do that with the kid.” It wasn’t necessary, and even if it was, it should have been the mother if you had asked me. Well ,,,,,,,, SMH ”, castigated actress Gloria Sarfo.

Sammy Kay fan ‘iambeeet’ fired him: “Did mom even approve of him posting this? I will not have. Now he knows the truth thanks to SM. His friends will know, his son will see this video. Anyway… maybe she agreed to be posted.

More followers slammed it.

“Because of Opinions And it’s very sad these days that people (some bloggers) do anything or ask stupid questions to get opinions without thinking about how very selfish people will feel @sammykaymedia … Very boring question! Instagram user ‘sweet_gist101’ said.

“Why is the child involved in this interview in the first place? ? Like you guys you have to be professional sometimes, ahh, ”said Nyanyaaayo.

Another ‘ewuraabedu’ user commented: “Ask the little boy what he thinks about it? It is not fair. What would be the child’s role in this interview? Ahhhhh. It cannot be journalism. It is not fair.