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Google Docs Just Fulfilled Our Biggest Insufferable Blogger Dream

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The humble dash em – where would we be without it? A favorite among Android Police writers, the dash em is used in place of several other punctuation marks, including commas, colons, parentheses, and quotes. It’s pretty darn convenient, if I say so myself. If you spend most of your time writing in Google Docs, you know how difficult it can be to insert an em dash – or, at least, how difficult it is. has been. With a new shortcut, using every writer’s favorite tool just got a whole lot easier.

the Google Docs Twitter Account today announced the surprise arrival of an automatic default correction for the em dash, using comedian Alexis Gay’s viral video of her love of the punctuation mark to mark the occasion. Previously, inserting an em dash in a document was quite tricky. Copy and paste or alternative codes got the job done but never felt more satisfying than pressing a button on a keyboard. In the worst case, it could even ruin your writing flow – something that no one wants to happen to them.


Fortunately, our global nightmare is over. You can now triple-press the dash button on your keyboard to automatically generate an em dash – no additional steps are required. And hey, if you’re one of those (bad) people who use a Fr hyphen, you can also create one by typing two hyphens. But you would never do that, would you? Friends don’t let their friends use hyphens.

Personally, I’ve had a dash em set as a shortcut on my PC’s clipboard for as long as I can remember, especially after ditching a keyboard with a numeric keypad capable of entering alternate codes. Glad to drop my hack method to generate my favorite punctuation mark with something a little more manageable. With this change, one of my least favorite things about writing in Google Docs is all but gone.

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