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Halifax blogger thrilled to be shortlisted for regional award

Shannon Palmer, 29, from Shelf, says she can’t believe how popular her blog has been in recent years and is amazed at her nomination for the Yorkshire Blogger Awards.

Shannon is an end-of-life dementia carer at Springfield Care Home in Bradford, as well as social media manager for Tickles Music Hall in Bradford.

She has over 51,000 followers on Instagram and blogs about Yorkshire, walking, the best of Bradford, food and her life.

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Shannon Palmer

“I love blogging and can’t believe how big it is,” she said.

“I feel that I have accomplished a lot in 29 years.

“You can still find me in Halifax blogging at restaurants and my favorite place, the Piece Hall. I’m still around and have been doing a lot of blogging for music gigs over the past few weeks.

“I also blog for the shows in theaters in Bradford.

Shannon Palmer

“I live in Shelf with my partner Richard and my stepson and you will always see me walking, finding the best routes to showcase the best spots and views on my days off.”

Shannon will find out if she won on September 29.

“Finding out that I was not only nominated, but shortlisted, was pretty amazing.

“I can’t believe I’ve been nominated, let alone shortlisted, for the final five.

Shannon Palmer

“I have gone through everything to move forward and I hope luck will be on my side tonight.”

Shannon can be found on Instagram @thelittlelifeofshazzap.

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