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“I don’t want to destroy a young person’s career”

South African musician DJ Sbu recently found himself embroiled in a social media feud with entertainment blogger and controversial Twitter user Musa Khawula. It all started when Musa alleged that Sbu sent thugs to steal musician Zahara’s SAMA rewards. Sbu quickly threatened to sue Musa but has now explained why he had given up on the idea.

DJ Sbu explains why he didn’t sue the local blogger

It seems DJ Sbu has changed his mind about suing Musa Khawula who basically said the musician and businessman stole his awards from Zahara late last month.

While Sbu was determined to make an example of Musa, he has since decided against it and explained it while speaking on a podcast called The Hustlers.

You don’t just write things down. I think a lot of people think you’ll get away with just writing “allegedly” and then from there writing whatever you want to write that defames people, that’s not fair. Some of us will take action.

He also said he didn’t want to ruin Musa’s career because of a mistake he made as a youngster who didn’t know any better.

take the high road

“I don’t want to destroy the career of a young person who sees Twitter as a platform to develop his career. I don’t want to send lawyers because I can afford it. I don’t want to put this person in a position where they have to pay 100 rand for the rest of their life because I sued them.

“But you have to remember that young people are also pumped by their followers. People want to see a fight but the same spirit in me when I landed in Johannesburg, I was like ‘it’s not even worth it.’

“This youngster is like me 20 years ago, he’s trying to arrive and I think he won’t realize it today, but over time he will see that some things I could have done differently. I don’t want to have enemies. I’m on social media to promote positivity and promote what I do and help other businesses the best I can. I’m not here to threaten and sue people” , did he declare.

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