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I haven’t slept behind bars – Blogger Rita Kaggwa talks about her recent arrest |

Ritah Kaggwa, a Ugandan blogger based in the UK, has finally given us details of her recent arrest which happened over the weekend.

She reveals that she was only taken to CPS to give a statement on the case which was filed against her by a Canada based lady identified as Sheila Mutetsi aka Senga Acid for cyberstalking.

Ritah also denies spending a night behind bars with children and her husband. His reasoning is that how can someone be behind bars and allowed to stay with their phone.

The information made the rounds on social networks last weekend. It has been reported that Ritah Kaggwa was arrested and detained with her husband, children and friends and spent a cold night behind police bars.

The development came just days after Ritah and her parents hosted a successful welcome home party for Ritah’s husband at his parents’ house.

It should be noted that Ritah flew to the country a few days ago for a six-week visit with her


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