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“Incredibly endearing”: the video of the Victoria bus of the American blogger goes viral


If you browse through Corrin Carlson’s social media posts, you’ll find that the American travel blogger focuses her posts on global food.

“I’ve never done bus content before,” Carlson smiles.

It wasn’t until a recent foodie getaway in Victoria, British Columbia, that Carlson spotted something she’d never seen served anywhere else: a transit bus with a sign that read “Sorry… Not in use”.

She posted a video of the regrettable ride on his The Fat Passport TikTok page with a soundtrack featuring the Canadian anthem and a voiceover saying, “Buses apologize for not being in service!”

A local let Carlson know it was just the appetizer. “She said, ‘Just wait until you get on the bus!'”

Carlson watched everyone get off the bus with gratitude. People of all ages and walks of life came out of the bus saying “thank you” to the driver.

“I just found him incredibly endearing,” smiles Carlson.

So Carlson captured it all on camera while trying to contain his joy.

“I was trying not to be scary about it,” Carlson says, explaining how she carefully recorded the gratitude. “I didn’t want to start laughing in the middle of the bus when people were saying thank you.”

Ever since Carlson shared the video grateful passengers, which she titled “Canada is Too Healthy”, it was watched by a global audience of millions.

“We want to thank our customers,” says Jamie Weiss, Senior Media Relations Advisor for BC Transit. “For continuing this very fine tradition.”

Perhaps it will inspire acts of gratitude around the world.

Weiss says a German exchange student who once lived in Victoria now encourages people in her community to say “Danke” to drivers.

“The [drivers] were a little surprised at first, but she said it was starting to get better,” Weiss says. “She really wanted to bring that flavor of Victoria courtesy and kindness back to Germany.”

While Carlson will continue to focus her feeds on food flavor, she would no doubt suggest upgrading your palate for Canada with “lots and lots of poutine” and a double-decker bus of thanks.

“Even walking on the bus with an air of gratitude,” smiles Carlson. “And treating the people around you with respect, I think, is a good place to start.”