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Indian blogger emotionally connects with Oman

Muscat – Indian travel blogger Suresh Joseph made an eight-day visit to Oman on Thursday covering more than 2,000 km from north to south of the sultanate.

A globetrotter, Joseph has regularly taken the time to drive across India and to distant lands abroad for the past 12 years. He holds 15 Indian records and three travel-related world records, and has driven on the four longest highways in the world.

Oman was the 53rd destination for the 64-year-old Chennai resident, who visited Muscat, Sur and Salalah.

“Traveling gives me time to introspect and peek into my soul. My solo travels have helped me find answers to many of life’s riddles. “

Joseph described Oman as being on his wish list for a long time and the visit was worth the wait. “I have taken buses, cars and boats to travel in Oman. I am in awe of Oman’s breathtaking natural beauty including mountains, wadis and seas. I loved the sinkhole of Bimah and the pristine beauty of Wadi Bani Khalid.

His drive from Muscat to Salalah was the highlight of the trip, although overcoming the heat was a challenge. “I saw the harsh landscape of the Yemeni border as well as the serenity by the sea in Qantab. Such diversity is hard to find anywhere.

The trip to Oman was a birthday treat for himself this year. “Everything happens in time and at its own pace. I timed my trip to Oman to coincide with my birthday.

Joseph, however, left Oman with some regrets. Among other things, he didn’t have enough time to visit an Omani family to experience Omani hospitality. “Also, I missed the khareef, the historic town of Sohar and the empty quarter.”

During the trip, her daily routine started at 8 a.m. and ended at sunset. He made the route himself and followed it religiously. “I research the places I visit well in advance, considering all options and aspects. From tradition and culture to nature and cuisine, I make sure to write down all the elements and plan my days. It’s more fruitful than a travel agent arranging your trip.

Joseph uses Google Maps extensively, first as a guide to plan stops and eventually as a navigation tool.

Before Oman, Joseph visited the United Arab Emirates. “Oman offers more of an emotional connection. I see the country being close to nature and valuing the environment,” he said.

Next on his itinerary are South America and Antarctica, where he plans to be next year.