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Interview with Gautami Biswas: an impressive travel blogger

Interview with Gautami Biswas: An awesome travel blogger from rural India who overcame all obstacles to travel the world.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer ”

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KHARAGPUR, WEST BENGAL, INDIA, December 3, 2021 / – Gautami Biswas is a travel enthusiast, better call him Hodophile. After years of helping and inspiring people in the direction of travel, Gautami decided to take on the role of the travel blog and began to write his thoughts on traveling to world famous tourist places and cultures. . She was not only curious to explore the tastes, delicacies and cultures of all over the world, but also opened up the possibility for us to explore her spirit and the beauty of various destinations through her blog, Travel Revelation.

How did you decide to become a travel enthusiast?
Gautami-Coming from a very small town in rural India, I had a crazy desire to travel since my childhood. I used to escape into books to read about distant places. I have always wanted to share my thoughts, passions and inspirational facts with my friends and the general public. And finally, I found Travelrevelation as a platform to represent my mind and thoughts.

What was your most rewarding moment of travel?
Gautami – Hah! a little difficult question. You see, I have experienced a lot of refreshing moments for the soul. Enjoyed thousands of moments through this breathtaking view of the universe. Paris had offered a combined touch of love, fashion, light and romanticism. And so far my favorite places are Armenia and Iceland.

Can you share with us your brief trip to different cities?
Gautami-Yes, I would love to. One of my trips was to the city, Jalna – A quaint little hidden paradise in the Himalayas. It is a calm and picturesque place to relax the mind. Also have temples and churches of religious outlook with rich culture.

I had a short three-day trip to OSLO, the capital of Norway. I really enjoyed it. It was also a remarkable experience like visiting the fortress, the brilliant erected building of the Norwegian Parliament and the Opera House. I especially liked the sculptures across the city there.

Armenia took my heart with its charm and beauty and friendly people and of course its delicious wines !!! Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, was another city that I really enjoyed.

Are you traveling alone or in a group?
Gautami- Initially, I was traveling solo. It was the time before blogging / vlogging became a thing. I never even had a camera !!! Just imagine! Now i have been traveling with my fiance for a few years and it is endlessly more fun than traveling alone tbt.

Any interesting travel stories you want to share with readers?
Gautami-Umm …. there are a lot of them !!! But I will share a couple. In Cambodia, we ordered tarantulas. It was a challenge. I could barely eat the legs which were quite crunchy. Hats off to Vinay for having eaten it during !!! We also sampled the alligatir and snake meat there and found it pleasantly appetizing!

Another incident that I would like to share is when we were trying to find our bus station in Tbilisi from where our van would leave for Yerrvan. No one spoke English and we were lost. A big-hearted bus driver practically drove us right there, got off the bus, and took us straight to where the van was parked. Talk about kindness! It’s these little incidents that stay with you forever.

What do you prefer to notice when traveling?
Gautami-Mainly, the architecture of the building, the way of life of the inhabitants, the local cuisine and its taste. I always eat the local cuisine of the place I visit.

Would you rather see a lot of places or know one place well?
Gautami-I’d love to see all the places but at a slow pace you know. Just like quitting a job one day and traveling full time at a slow pace.

Gautami – Now let’s come to the question that all readers want to know, how do you make money to allow you to visit different places?
I am a full-time government employee balancing my professional responsibilities with my passion for travel. Plus, I get a decent amount of collaborations and deals from brands that help me a lot.

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