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Javon Kinlaw and his 49ers teammates feud with ‘low life’ blogger after swearing YouTube video

Javon Kinlaw is obviously fed up with Grant Cohn. The 49ers defensive tackle lashed out at the Sports Illustrated blogger on Tuesday night in a blasphemous video that Cohn posted on his YouTube channel on Tuesday.

The verbal altercation between the two stemmed from an in-person altercation that occurred at the 49ers’ OTAs during the day. Cohn explained in a video that Kinlaw confronted him in San Francisco practice on Tuesday. The 24-year-old defensive tackle didn’t say much, but knocked Cohn’s hat off his head and called him profanity.

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Cohn also described all the reasons Kinlaw might have been mad at him in the video.

I don’t understand why he is so angry. Javon, why are you so upset? Is it the fact that I said you had an 80-year-old knee? Is it the fact that I said you’re a terrible pass thrower and you’re just a two-down player? Is it the fact that I said the Niners shouldn’t have signed you and they should have taken Tristan Wirfs instead? Is it the fact that I said you are unprofessional and immature? It escapes me which of the hundred negative things I’ve said about Javon Kinlaw over the past two years has caused him to approach me in this way.

Indeed, Cohn said all of these things. He even has a video on his YouTube channel called “Why 49ers DT Javon Kinlaw was such a bad draft pick.”

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But that wasn’t what annoyed Kinlaw the most. He said in the video chat he had with Cohn that he took issue with how Cohn had characterized their interaction earlier that day. Kinlaw said he approached Cohn and got in his face, but that was it.

“Stop making it look like I came at you cowardly,” Kinlaw said.

I came to you man to man, my brother. Put some respect on my name, brother. You do not know me. You don’t know where I come from, my brother.

Additionally, while Kinlaw acknowledged he knew Cohn was just doing his job breaking the 49ers, he still believes the blogger sometimes takes his analysis a little too far.

“You analyze people like they’re not human,” Kinlaw said.

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From there, things accelerated. Kinlaw grew increasingly agitated and rang Cohn, who believed Kinlaw had threatened him at one point when the 49ers tackle said:

Stop playing with me. I don’t play like that. You do not know me. I’m not the only one. My whole family knows what you look like.

Despite the negative reaction to Kinlaw’s tiff with Cohn, his 49ers teammate Arik Armstead came to his defense. Armstead took to Twitter to draw attention to another music video in which Cohn appeared to imply that he wanted Kinlaw to punch him so he could retire.

Players like George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aïyuk, Taybor pepper and even Tyreek Hill also called out Cohn on social media.

The 49ers have yet to comment on the situation, but they will have to address it one way or another if tensions persist between their players and Cohn.