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Kritika Khurana VS Juhi Godambe: Which fashion blogger inspires you for a massive wardrobe makeover?

Get inspired by famous fashion bloggers Kritika Khurana and Juhi Godambe

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Indian fashion bloggers on Instagram have become quite well-known in the fashion blogging world due to their distinct flair. So sit back and enjoy as we take a massive style lesson from some of India’s most skilled fashion influencers.

Juhi Godambe started her career as a fashion blogger and is now the proud owner of the Arabella clothing line. She is a fashionista who likes to experiment with different styles from all over the world. In addition to fashion, Juhi writes about beauty, travel, fitness and lifestyle trends on her blog. She is also recognized for her fantastic Instagram photos, which she uses to create and showcase street style clothing with ease and delicacy. Check out some of her stylish outfits.

Kritika Khurana, often known as ‘Thatbohogirl’, is a social media influencer and one of India’s top fashion bloggers. A follower of the bohemian style, she has made it her signature. So if you’re looking for bohemian inspiration, her profile is definitely worth a look. Kritika’s films can definitely help consumers explore various types of clothing and style options. She is also known for reusing old and ordinary clothes in a unique, attractive and trendy way. Take a look at her stylish sets

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