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KZN Blogger Questions Netflix SA’s ‘Bridgerton’ Event Amid No Indian Representation

The exciting South African event “Bridgerton” made the buzz last weekend!


With the launch of ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 on Friday, March 25, media launches took place in various parts of the world.

South Africa hosted its own red carpet launch party for exclusive South African celebrities and influencers, courtesy of Netflix South Africa

We were so jealous when we saw pictures and videos of the launch and had some serious FOMO!

Watch the launch video summarizing the evening below:

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When Netflix South Africa posted this video on their instagram account, the video reached a wider audience…but some fans also noticed something interesting online, so we thought we’d take a closer look.

While some were focused on spotting their favorite South African celebrities, others were focusing on who wasn’t there.

According to some fans, the “Rainbow nation” was “not popping” at this event.

The comments went absolutely crazy when this detail was put under the microscope.

Some of the notable celebrities in attendance were former Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi, Khanyi Mbau, Nambitha Ben-Mazwi, Coconut Kelz, Thando Thabethe and many more…

The theme for the night was “A Bridgerton Affair”, however, the only case currently being talked about is how fans couldn’t fathom the fact that the highly diverse show, “Bridgerton”, was having a night of launch in southern Africa which fans were not happy with.

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Many fans, especially part of the South African Indian community, took to the comments section to share their responses:

  • “Disappointing of you guys.”
  • “I was about to throw a vent in a single comment, but the number of thoughts I have about the lack of representation at this event are far too many to count. There is no Rainbow without Indian.”
  • “So no Miss Sharma and Miss Edwina Sharma at the South African premiere?… Extremely disappointed with the performance and organizers of this event.”
  • “That’s a no from me. Do better @netflixsa …I would love to know which PR/events company was responsible for this failure.”
  • “Love how Bridgerton Season 2 is all about Indian representation and yet South Africa fails to get the mission right once again…interesting.”

With Season 2’s sole focus on Miss Sharma and her sister, who are part of the South Asian community, some fans said they were “uncomfortable” with the unrealized vision.

What do you think?

An influencer from Durban shared this exact sentiment in her Instagram comment:

Presh reacts to Bridgerton season 2

Presh reacts to Bridgerton season 2/netflixsa Instagram

We thought it was an incredibly interesting conversation, so we also reached out to Netflix for more info as we don’t know the full story.

As soon as we have an update from the Netflix team, we’ll share it with you!

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