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Marcos taps pro-Duterte blogger to run media relations office


PRESIDENT elected Ferdinand bong bongR. Marcos, Jr. has tapped a pro-Duterte blogger to run the office that serves as the main bridge between Malacañang and the media and oversees the executive departmentcommunication campaign.

Blogger and radio commentator Rose Beatrix “Trixie” Cruz-Angeles will lead the Presidential Office of Communications Operations (PCOO), Marcos attorney Victor D. Rodriguez said in a statement Wednesday.

“Cruz-Angeles’ primary task is to oversee the operations of the PCOO, which includes holding regular press briefings for media professionals covering Malacañang activities,” he said.

Mr Rodriguez said Ms Angeles, a lawyer, will be a talking headduring press briefings since Mr. Marcos had previously announced that he would not appoint a spokesperson.

In 2016, the Supreme Court suspended Ms Angeles from practicing law for three years, citing that she and a fellow lawyer had violated a code of conduct against dishonest practices.

She has since embarked on a blogging career that has strongly supported President Rodrigo R. Duterte.administration.

Ms. Angeles, who helped Mr. Dutertes 2016 campaign, became social media strategist for the PCOO from July 2017 to 2018.

The lawyer admitted during a 2017 Senate fake news hearing that she fed government information for Esther Margaux “Mocha” J. Uson’s propaganda blog, which also became part of the Duterte administration.

Ms. Angeles is also the host of a radio show that is highly critical of Duterte critics and dissidents. Kyle Aristopher T. Atienza