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McBride refuses to apologize to Trenton blogger over ‘false’ C-word claim – Trentonian

TRENTON – Admit you lied and apologize!

That was the message from Trenton Orbit co-founder Bill Kearney to board chair Kathy McBride on Thursday.

The two have been at odds since the legislative leader claimed at a town hall meeting that his compatriot Trentonian Kearney called her a “c*nt” on a hot microphone that captured general candidate Michael Ranallo mocking the president of the board as of a “nasty b**ch” and a “stupid a**hole”.

Much of the recording was unintelligible, and The Trentonian was unable to independently confirm whether Kearney uttered the insult.

He denied doing so in an interview and stuck to his guns in public comments, calling on McBride to apologize to the public for his alleged “leaky mouth” falsehood.

The local blogger said McBride’s lyrics were meant to score cheap political points and have Trentonians “grab their collective pearls” in shock.

Even Kearney’s mother was initially appalled by the allegation until he explained to her that he was being falsely accused.

“Who really is the dark force here?” Kerney said. “It makes no sense to me and my skin is thicker because of it. … To get respect, you have to give it.

City Clerk Matthew Conlon tried to shut Kearney down as he made his remarks – this after the clerk played the hot mic tape during the last meeting while urging male co-workers at the hotel to town to donate to a group that helps battered and abused women.

Kearney was not going to be silenced and said Friday he was still considering getting a lawyer to sue McBride for refusing to admit she was wrong.

“I always like to know how much money has been raised,” he said. “I didn’t say that C-word. I don’t like that word put in my mouth, especially by you. Make sure it spreads over Trenton like hot butter.