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Money Mum blogger shares an eight-step plan to save enough for the holidays

With 278,000 followers on Instagram, Gemma Bird, aka Money Mum, is a trusted source for many when it comes to sound money-saving advice. Working with eBay UK, Gemma shares eight money-saving and money-making hacks for families looking to go on holiday this summer.

While new research published by eBay UK reveals that four in five British adults (84%) currently feel concerned about rising inflation in the UK, and in particular, 34% are worried about being able to s ‘offering a summer vacation, Gemma shines a light on some of the simple ways to cut expenses and be smarter with your money:

Assign a no-spend day – Once a week, choose a day when you won’t spend money on food or drinks. Say no to coffee and instead of buying ingredients for dinner, search your cupboards and see what you can do with the leftovers.

Check your statement – Reviewing your statement is a great way to spot your spending trends and where you’re spending more than you really should (take home!). By going through your statement each month, you can understand exactly what to play with when it comes to spending money (or saving money).

Rotate your toys – A great way to engage children is to bring their toys into the picture. Make a rule that if they want a new toy they have to sell one they don’t play with anymore, I call this “toy rotation”, and it’s a great way for kids to adopt new better spending habits when they are older.

Buy Used – Buying used isn’t just better for the planet, it’s also better for your wallet! Before you buy anything, I recommend checking eBay to see if anyone is selling the same item, as chances are it’s still in great condition and at much better value.

Be smart about saving energy – As energy prices surged in April, don’t ignore the little things that can lower your energy bills! For example, when boiling the kettle in the morning, pour the remaining hot water into a thermos so you can use it later, rather than having to boil the water again.

Go for low-cost family weekends – One thing I’ve always done when saving up for family vacations is to have low-cost family weekends upfront. Rather than taking them to an indoor gym in the jungle, go to the park for the day or instead of going to the movies, make some popcorn and watch a movie at home. The most important things for kids at the end of the day will be spending time with their parents.

Host a money-making day – Once a month go through your house and find at least 5 things you can sell on eBay. Whether it’s clothes, kitchen utensils, or items found in the attic, you can even get the kids involved by choosing an item from their room that they want to sell. Here are some of my top tips for listing items on eBay:

  • Perfect your style and lighting – It’s important to get good photos of what you’re trying to sell. Make sure the lighting is bright, the images aren’t blurry – you can even add small props!
  • Use the right keywords – Use as many descriptive words as possible when listing your items! The more you include, the higher the likelihood that the item will show up when someone searches.
  • Get the timing right – When putting items up for auction, I’ve found giving people 5-7 days to bid works best. Also, be sure to set the auction end time to around 8 p.m., rather than noon when people are busy or at work.
  • Remember, anything goes. – You might be surprised at what will sell on eBay. I once listed an old eye shadow makeup palette from MAC with some of the colors missing and it sold for £50 on eBay.

Be open and honest with children – Honesty is the best policy, I personally think. Children are much more likely to understand that eating at home rather than in a restaurant if you explain that it means going away for summer vacation.

Gemma said: ‘I’ve been selling on eBay since I was around 26, finding a new home for anything and everything I no longer used. Especially when the kids were younger and their clothes were growing at such a rapid rate, I always had a sell-to-buy policy, listing items before letting me buy anything new. It was a great way to save money, and sometimes I even made a little profit. With the rising cost of living here in the UK, I think it’s just a matter of doing the little things. So make the most of the number of people buying online now and sell your clutter on eBay to earn some extra cash!

eBay says there has been a 14% increase in the number of people selling on eBay in the UK since early April when inflation rose across the UK.