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National Bloggers Day: Celebrate the platform that made online sharing accessible to everyone

The world may think of a person or an online content creator when they hear the word “Blogger”, and it’s not Google’s app that immediately comes to mind regarding said phrase. However, that’s what started all the fuss in the beginning, focusing on a dedicated page where users can post their thoughts, ideas, and anything else they want to share.

Before social media, there were blog posts and “bloggers” that provided a source of information for everyone.

National Bloggers Day: August 5 is the day to celebrate the website

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Blogger or the platform which started on August 23, 1999, is a website where users are provided with blogging tools and a gateway to web design for their online storefront. It is one of the most important platforms in the world, as before social media and other blogging websites like Tumblr, WordPress, NewGrounds, etc.

The platform is like the start of many important features in the world, and according to national todayAugust 5 is a massive celebration to commemorate the platform.

The blog has always been text-heavy, but publishing tools that bring someone to their field give the world a chance to incorporate mixed media into their posts. Still, it became an app that Google acquired in 2003 and continues to grow now.

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Blogger and its importance for the world, available for everyone

The Google blogger is still going strong, and even to this day, it’s a platform that many people use to express their needs and demands. There are many experiences available in the world, but there is nothing comparable to the platform that a person is used to using and accessing for their needs.

What is Blogger? One of the oldest platforms now

There are only a few people using Blogger now, but it is still one of the most famous websites in the world that brings a familiar experience centered around online blog posts on dedicated platforms. Most people know it as “” with an address centered around the name of their website or what they want to display.

However, there was an incident of sexually explicit content through Blogger, and Google wanted to remove it privately, with content creators or owners being notified by the company. Google does not condone the use of Blogger as a site containing exploitative images of different people, hence the removal.

Nevertheless, the fame of Blogger is overthrown by the prominence of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Still, Blogger is an important platform for users who want to start their domain but lack the ability to design one or build it from scratch. The platform has gotten creative over the years it’s been available, giving the world a chance to personalize it with new media, but without necessarily losing its soul as a text-based platform.

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