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Nicki Minaj threatens to sue blogger for drug use

Nicki Minaj takes a page from Cardi B’s book as she reveals she plans to sue a blogger who claimed she was on drugs.

Nicki Minaj has been ranting on her Queen Radio show since Sunday night and continued with her cryptic sub-tweets on Monday, but her fans are deciphering everything, and the supposed blogger she plans to sue is believed to be Jason Lee, who apparently replied on Twitter.

Minaj tweeted Monday afternoon that she had spoken to her attorney about a claim that she was a cocaine user. She shared an earlier tweet where she said her fans had collected information proving the then-anonymous blogger had made nasty comments about her.

“The Barbz sent folders and folders full of evidence to my attorney. That’s why I love my babies so much. Hopefully when you go bankrupt you can at least say it was worth it,” Minaj wrote.

She also dropped another tweet containing a screenshot of a Twitter link and a message to her attorney.

The message to the lawyer read: ‘I have never used cocaine in my life and it can be tested through my hair. My hair is long. I want to sue this woman right away,” the message to the lawyer read.

In the screenshot tweet, Minaj hinted that she planned to file a defamation lawsuit against a few people, but she didn’t name any potential defendants.

“I just sent it to my lawyer. Thank you barbez. She wasn’t part of the libel suit, but now she is. Mannnn I love you guys so much thank you. Now go ask your favorite if he wants to test his hair for cocaine too while I’m at it. Bwahahahahahahahaha WOO WEE!!!!!” she wrote.

In subsequent tweets, Hollywood Unlocked CEO Jason Lee responded directly to Minaj promising to defend himself and grill Minaj over questions he supposedly had for her.

“I accept any lawsuit because I could not obtain an interview with her. So I can drop her asking all the questions I ever wanted to know and I’ll post it all on my platform,” Lee said.

Earlier, Lee reposted a comment on his feed that read, “Lmfaoooo ITS GIVING COKE.” After Minaj’s tweet, he wrote, “I’m preparing my deposition list just in case lol. It will be epic.

Lee, who is known as Cardi B’s best friend who is well known as Minaj’s nemesis, also made jokes about the potential costume. “Everyone comes to court lol. Plllleeeeaaaaaase file it! Make sure you look cute. #RICO,” he said.

Lee and Minaj fans have been at odds for a while now. The blogger had rumors about him being a pedophile, and he, in turn, was caustic about his feelings for Minaj and her fan base.

“By the way, this tweet saying I flew a 17-year-old kid into a club in Los Angeles on May 21st is a joke. I was in New York with a whole Nigga lol. Here’s the receipt. The pedophile you’re talking about is Nicki’s brother lol. Let’s keep playing,” he wrote in an August 25 tweet.