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Nigerian Blogger Links Mental Collapse of Moesha Buduong to Apostle Sulemana

Moesha Buduong and Apostle Johnson Sulemana

An anonymous Nigerian Instagram blogger known as Gistloversgram_media has linked the collapse of Ghanaian socialite, Moesha Buduong to controversial and popular Nigerian pastor, Apostle Johnson Sulemana.

In a deleted Instagram post, the blogger posted a photo from Moesha Budoung’s official Instagram page and explained to the page’s many followers that she was the lady who almost went crazy after allegedly having sex with the apostle Sulemana.

“Hello tueh tueh, this is Ghanaian celebrity, Moesha I am talking about, says she is running after sleeping with Pastor Suleman, Na Mercy Eke introduces Moesha to Suleman,” read parts of the Gistloversgram_media post on Instagram.

The post also alleged that everything Moesha Buduong sold during her nervous breakdown were gifts she received from the pastor.

It read, “Now she’s not selling anything Sule gives me at the last Kobo, she archives all her photos now, that was her saying something, she recently contemplated suicide, if she’s normal for a hour, she’ll be wrong for another hour, all the details later.

In July 2021, Ghanaians were surprised by a viral video on social media that showed fashionista and socialite Moesha Budoung looking unkempt and walking barefoot down a street.

Shortly after this video, there were posts from people close to the celebrity that she was suffering from a nervous breakdown. These rumors were disputed by Moesha Buduong who explained that she did not have a mental breakdown but rather gave her life to Jesus Christ.

Moesha Buduong has sold all of her assets which she claims to have acquired through nefarious activities.

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