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Noida blogger faces FIR after taking dog to Kedarnath temple, internet pours support

A blogger from Noida took his pet dog Nawab to Kedarnath Temple and had a tilak put on him, an action which resulted in an FIR being filed against the blogger. According to Times of India, the Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee (BKTC) has filed a complaint against the blogger, Rohan Tyagi (also reported as Vikash Tyagi in some cases). The committee claimed that the blogger’s actions hurt religious feelings. The dog, Nawab Tyagi, who has his own Instagram page, has been visiting temples for about four years. Rohan defended his decision to take Nawab to Kedarnath shrine. Dogs are an embodiment of God, he said.

“Hi everyone, I am Nawab (dog) and I am 4.5 years old now. I can proudly say that even though I have traveled in 4 years, a 70 year old could not travel. And all this happened because my parents take me everywhere,” reads the caption of the video of Nawab touching the Nandi idol in the outer temple compound.

Many social media users showed their support for Rohan and Nawab, commenting with “#wesupportnawabtyagi”.

Support poured in for the family.

According to the ANI news agency, a police investigation into this matter is currently underway.

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