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Outdoor blogger helps thousands with national park reservation systems

For years Alex Schnee or ‘Alex on the Map’ has been a go-to resource for National Parks, now she’s sharing her tips on how to navigate their new ticketing systems

NEW YORK, April 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Oh the great outdoors! It’s safe to say that after two years of quarantines and lockdowns, Americans are more eager than ever to travel, get out and enjoy the sun, fresh air and all that this beautiful country has to offer. . For many, a trip here or there is enough to satisfy the craving for adventure. However, thousands of national park visitors face additional challenges this year: national park reservation systems.

Alex Schnee, better known as “Alex on the Map”, is an industry-leading travel and outdoor blogger who now helps thousands of people plan their trips to national parks while navigating the new reservation systems. With an innate passion for nature and growing up right next to Glacier National Park, Alex has built an impressive career and reputation as an outdoor expert, providing in-depth national park information and resources. and the outdoors.

Throughout her travels and tenure as a blogger and freelance writer for publications such as Fodor’s, The Huffington Post, Bustle, and more, Alex has continually asked herself the same question: “How do I plan a single event? lifetime trip to national parks that require reservations? Eager to bridge the gap for her audience, Alex has created a free national park information guide that highlights each reservation system and how visitors can overcome these new barriers to entry. Schnee takes members behind the curtain as an industry expert to reveal how to plan the perfect national park adventure.

“New reservation systems can be confusing, and my goal is to explain to visitors why they’re important to park preservation while helping adventurers plan a trip they’ll never forget.” – Alex Schnee

Through proof of concept, a dedication to innovation, and an unwavering commitment to a shared passion for the great outdoors; by Alex Schnee her goal-oriented vision has come to fruition as she helps countless people plan their trip in a sustainable way.

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Alex Schnee is a travel and outdoor blogger known for her industry-leading blog, Alex on the Map. Growing up right next to Glacier National Park, she works to create content that helps visitors to outdoor spaces do so responsibly. From helping visitors navigate increasingly confusing ticketing systems to helping people get out more by getting jobs in the outdoor industry through her Facebook group, she’s s strives to make the outdoors accessible and preserve it for future generations. Recognized as an outdoor expert in various national publications, Alex Schnee paints a brilliant picture of the United States national park system and provides readers with an easy-to-follow reservation plan.


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