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Permanent resident blogger says South Dakota ‘isn’t the state I’ve known for over half a century’ – Dakota Free Press

Tim Gebhart started his blog A progressive on the prairie with this post titled “Dubya and Crew Did It” on September 9, 2003:

They woke me up. Not since Nixon (and, yes, I remember Reagan) has there been an administration that has caused me so much anger and fear for what it is doing to us. Living in the Northern Great Plains, however, I am surrounded by those who believe that patriotism is spelled republican and means following blindly. Sufficient. I add my voice to the jumble of political commentary, hoping there are other like-minded souls out there on the prairie [Tim Gebhart, “Dubya and Crew Did It,” A Progressive on the Prairie, 2003.09.09].

He did not find enough such souls to redeem his lifetime home. Nineteen years later, Gebhart posted his farewell to South Dakota from a greener, friendlier place:

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I had come to view South Dakota with contempt. I was “noemed” and “wing nutted” to death. It’s just not the state I knew for over half a century.

… I remember a time when the state and its politicians focused on the issues, not party propaganda. Today, Noem travels the country as a devout trumpet player, focusing on hot-button right-wing issues and encouraging people to get “freely stupid” here.

…And while that may be the case in many towns, Sioux Falls bows down to developers and the financially well off. There is little concern for what citizens want and little or no transparency.

… So, good luck, South Dakota. I couldn’t keep going round the drain with you [Tim Gebhart, “Goodbye, South Dakota,” A Progressive on the Prairie, 2022.05.31].

South Dakota should be hard pressed to lose every good reader, thinker, and writer.