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Popular Blogger Stefan Reveals Incredible Earnings With Ezoic In New Post

In the article posted on his website, Stefan gives a detailed breakdown of his earnings since switching to Ezoic in 2019, as well as his Google AdSense earnings in previous years so readers can compare.

Popular online blogger, Stefan, has released a new post detailing his incredible earnings from monetizing the Ezoic website. According to the blogger, since he published his extensive Ezoic review, almost everyone has been curious to know how his Ezoic earnings have developed over the years.

To answer this question, Stefan compiled and uploaded a breakdown of his Ezoic earnings in the review article, as well as his Google AdSense earnings in previous years for comparison. Apart from providing readers with the basic facts so that they can come to an objective conclusion on their own, Stefan also promised to keep readers constantly in the loop by regularly updating the article with new data every month. .

Founded in 2010, Ezoic is a technology solution for digital publishers looking to generate more revenue from their websites while optimizing user experience. The end-to-end platform for publishers boasts of being the first solution in the industry to integrate AI and machine learning into its features and products, helping it achieve an impressive 1.03 billion unique monthly visits from its collective clientele. Its main monetization features include Ad Tester, Big Data Analytics, Video Player, and more.

After 3 years of using Google Adsense to monetize his blog, Stefan decided to give Ezoic a shot in 2019 and describes how he amazingly increased his revenue by over 450% in just 4 months. For the past four years, Stefan has been part of the Ezoic Affiliate Program and describes his experience with the company as more than satisfactory.

“Summing up my experience over the past 4 years with them, I can confidently say that I am very happy and have had no bad experiences with their service. On the contrary, I have saved a lot of time since switching to Ezoic (ad placement, site speed, etc.) while significantly increasing my income. »

The article takes readers on a numerical journey, highlighting the rapid rise in revenue at the start of its change in 2019, the sharp and heavy drop due to covid in 2020 as well as the rapid rise to the top in 2022. full article please on the following link or contact Stefan via the contact details below.

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