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PTI blogger’s house raided; telephones, laptop taken away – Journal

LAHORE: Men in civilian clothes raided the home of former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s digital media focal person, Dr Arslan Khalid, and took away a laptop and cell phones in the early hours of Sunday morning .

Dr Khalid had already left his home in Wapda Town in preparation for the planned raid, an official source said, adding that action by law enforcement personnel had been taken on the allegation according to which he had led a social media campaign against a state institution. .

However, Pakistan’s official Tehreek-i-Insaf Twitter account strongly rejected the allegation and said Dr Khalid never abused anyone on social media and never attacked any institution. Stating it was “worrying news”, the PTI tweeted that Dr Khalid’s house had been raided and all of his family’s phones had been confiscated.

Family members of the PTI blogger were unaware of the identity of those behind the raid, likely for his arrest.

Gill says he alerted Dr Khalid to move before the raid

Senior Lahore Police officials and the Federal Investigation Agency made it clear they had nothing to do with the “raid”, explaining that the matter was outside the purview of the police.

“The raid was not carried out by the police at Dr Khalid’s home,” said Fayyaz Ahmad, a police officer in the capital of Lahore. Dawn.

However, the official source said the men who carried out the raid were in civilian clothes. After being unable to find him in the house, they questioned Dr Khalid’s family to find out his whereabouts, he said.

The incident went viral on social media when some PTI leaders raised their voices declaring the raid was an outright human rights violation.

Former Prime Minister’s aide Dr Shahbaz Gill said he had already alerted Dr Khalid to his possible arrest. He tweeted that as the raid was planned, Dr Khalid was sent elsewhere. “All I have to tell you is that Arsalan Khalid is a patriot and he should live in this country. We planned you would, so last night I talked to him and sent him away from his house. The laptops and mobiles you took have nothing but professional work,” Dr. Gill said.

The raid drew reaction from PTI leaders including Asad Umar, Shafqat Mehmood and Dr Shireen Mazari.

“The raid on the house of Dr Arslan Khalid is highly condemnable. Young patriots like Dr Arslan are an asset to the nation,” ex-minister Asad Umar tweeted.

Mr Mehmood tweeted: “Dismayed to hear that Dr Arsalan’s house has been raided and his family has been harassed”.

Dr Mazari, however, said the raid was unsurprising, “because ‘deep-rooted’ intolerance for criticism leads to irrational rage. But criticism on social media is often spontaneous unlike swipes. ‘State “.

Posted in Dawn, April 11, 2022