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Royals down 11-0, blogger begs you to do something else

In recent years, companies have pushed companies to offer half-day Fridays during the summer as a benefit for their employees. Maybe one day soon it will be Fridays all day. That would be cool.

In the meantime, these Royals think you should take half a day on Saturday. As I write this, the Royals are down 11-0 with only one out in the fourth inning. Heasley was hit all over the park, they dropped a few hits past the Royals outfielders who moved shallow in order to counter a strong wind and the Guardians quickly started throwing balls over their heads. Even Steven Kwan scored a two-run brace to center right in the second set. Jose Ramirez and Nolan Jones, the guy who got promoted last night, both threw balls over the fence – Jones went over 450 feet into the upper fountains reservoir. Jackson Kowar looked set to take Heasley’s place in the rotation before Jones’ bomb. Now the Royals will use all of their pitchers and probably a positional player or two just to get to the end of this game.

In three innings, the Royals had three double plays. The offense offers no help.

Have fun. Let the people who get paid to watch this game for you and read it later. Watch replays of position players throwing later if you feel the need. Just find a better use for your Saturday afternoon than this mess.