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Russia orders arrest of blogger in absentia over Ukrainian videos

He said his arrest was “part of massive pressure on journalists and analysts who objectively describe the course of the current war”.

“The goal of the Kremlin and (of President Vladimir) Putin personally is to silence everyone,” he said.

He said he would continue with his reports.

“There is nothing more important at the moment,” he said.

Nacke creates videos with Ruslan Leviev, the founder of the Conflict Intelligence Team, a team of bloggers investigating the Russian military.

A court separately ordered the arrest of Leviev, who also left Russia.

The Moscow court also on Tuesday ordered the detention in absentia of Belotserkovskaya, a blogger with more than 900,000 Instagram followers.

Belotserkovskaya, who lives in France, is a popular food blogger who has also commented on Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine.

After Putin sent troops to Ukraine on Feb. 24, Russia introduced prison terms of up to 15 years for spreading information about its military deemed false by the government.

In March, Belotserkovskaya became the first target of the new legislation.

Many critics of Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine have been arrested and imprisoned, including opposition politician Vladimir Kara-Murza and artist Aleksandra Skochilenko.

Independent media, including Novaya Gazeta, have been closed or suspended in recent weeks, and tens of thousands of Russians have left the country.