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Russian blogger cries as Instagram is blocked by Vladimir Putin

12 March 2022, 11:54

A video of a Russian influencer crying on Instagram has been viewed over a million times.

Photo: Alamy/Twitter

This Instagram blogger in Russia broke down in tears as he mourned Vladimir Putin’s decision to block Instagram in the country from Monday

Social media giant Meta has claimed around 80 million users will be cut off from the photo-sharing site Instagram on Monday, as Russian President Vladimir Putin moves to remove access to the site from users in Russia.

This comes in response to Meta changing its terms of service to allow users to share posts calling for violence against Putin and Russian troops in Ukraine.

NEXTA, a media platform used to expose the reality of life in Belarus and Russia under Putin’s influence, shared a video of a Russian blogger who was taking news of an Instagram blackout particularly badly.

The video has been viewed over a million times and was even retweeted by Health Secretary Sajid Javid.

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“Do you still think that for me as an Instagram influencer, it’s [a] source of income?” asked the blogger to her fans.

She insisted that her anger over Instagram’s deletion was more than a financial grievance.

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“To me, it’s just – it’s all of life. It’s the soul. It’s the one I wake up with, go to sleep, fuck five years in a row.”

The influencer then told her followers that she was in the early stages of grieving over the news.