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SARANYA PRABHU – The journey from mom to blogger

Saranya Prabhu is a mom blogger, influencer, content creator, full time mother of 2 (4 year old son and 3 month old daughter)

It goes without saying that mothers are superwomen and it is hard to understand what life would be like without mothers guiding us through every step of the day. However, parenthood can sometimes feel isolated, and many people have found themselves in similar situations. There are tools that could help women feel less alone on the road, outside of friends and family. This real-life parent’s parenting journey is a living example of the arduous obstacles and wonderful moments that characterize modern motherhood. Saranya Prabhu demonstrated that even after becoming a parent, one can still enjoy life as usual, regardless of personal interests or parenting style.

From being employed as a human resources professional to blogging mom, Saranya hit her peak when she chose motherhood above all else after becoming a parent, thanks to social media which showed an increase in social media influencers with a resurgence of vlogging and blogging as moms seek to connect and build a thriving community. Launched as a personal blog “Usandthelittleone” to document and share her daily journey, Saranya with her two children makes the impossible not only achievable but totally fun and enjoyable. She shares content on parenting tips, ways to keep kids engaged in DIY activities, how to make learning fun for kids, travel tips and more with lots of smiles and fun DIYs.

Needless to mention that with motherhood there has also been a surge of content creators and we are all aware of the difficult tasks, and Saranya as a mum blogger does a phenomenal job of breaking it down for everyone. The way she balances content creation with motherhood and life is nothing short of inspiring. She launched her YouTube channel with the same name @usandthelittleone to document and share wonderful times together in a video format. With over 27,000 followers on Instagram, Saranya is someone people look up to and her content is indeed helping many mothers. She had the opportunity to collaborate with many top brands like First cry, Mothersparsh, baby chakra, babyHug, super bottoms, many other educational and toy brands, and a UK based international brand – Classover. All thanks to the “endless support” of her husband who encouraged her to go so far in this field.

Saranya ends by saying, “Whether I’m having a good day or a bad day, my husband’s unwavering support means the world to me. It even encourages me to be a better wife and mom, and I appreciate the support my husband gives me that allows me to take things to the next level, which is phenomenal.

It goes without saying that women have incredible inner strength, and when they become mothers, that power turns into something else. Their knowledge gives them power, and that power is superhuman. Saranya Prabhu is a fantastic role model. Follow her on social media to follow what she’s up to.

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