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Schulte’s jury snubs Judge Furman’s order as blogger reboots, brutal kangaroo

Schulte’s jury snubs Judge Furman’s order as blogger reboots, brutal kangaroo

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Maxwell’s Book

NY Magazine

LITERARY SDNY, July 26 — It was two weeks after the jury’s guilty verdicts against Josh Schulte when he appeared again before Judge Furman.

It was at 40 Foley Square, Judge Furman’s smallest courtroom on the 11th floor. Schulte was brought by the Marshals, and there other unidentified government agents into the small gallery with Kurt Wheelock.

It was time to pick a date for what Schulte called the “CP” trial, but his reserve counsel initially spelled it out.

Judge Furman denied Schulte’s written request to use the SCIF at 500 Pearl Street to prepare for trial.

Schulte wrote that he would need it once a week to review computers and servers seized from his East 39th Street apartment and said by prosecutors in the first and second trials to contain national defense information.

Now prosecutors – or the prosecutor, for only one of them bothered to come to this post-conviction proceeding – have said that Schulte has no need for SCIF at all. Now their position was that the computers had no classified information, he could just stay at the MDC where he was prohibited from communicating in any way with the media or seeing anything on the internet.

The CP trial was set, in this case, for September 11, 2023. Schulte was taken away by the marshals, his parents were not there. Kurt rushed out of the courtroom and into Brooklyn to grab the EDNY guilty plea from R. Kelly’s self-proclaimed manager, Donnell Russell. This one was for threatening a Jane Doe, after her partial conviction for calling a gun at the Neuehouse Theater on 25th Street.

Kurt recorded his summary of the Schulte procedure
over there on Joralemon Street. brutal kangaroo in Brooklyn.

But when he got back to the SDNY press room, and after he rushed to the gym in the estates and everyone left, Kurt saw two things he felt compelled to write about.


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access here;


Judge Furman belatedly unsealed Schulte’s habeus corpus petition, which had been held off-limits in its entirety. Kurt put it on DocumentCloud
before running to the gym. And when he came back he saw a short film interview
with one of Schulte’s jurors, number four, Juan Flores. And it floored him.


, “Some of the jurors took careful notes, which they shared with the others once deliberations began.” What?!?

Kurt went back to get Judge Furman’s jury instructions. He was there when they were read, but he wanted to make sure. And it was there:

“If any of you took notes during the trial, you must not show your notes or discuss your notes with other jurors during your deliberations. Any notes you took should be used only to help you. The fact that a particular juror took notes does not give more weight to the opinions of that juror than to those of any other juror.”

There have been. Jury instructions had been openly violated.

Ghislaine Maxwell juror 50, self-styled Scotty David (Kurt had learned and released his real name, but didn’t push it beyond that, fearing there might be an unwritten rule on how to describe jurors) had boasted to the British press that he had lied on his questionnaire to the jury about a history of sexual abuse.

This forced Judge Nathan, now in the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, to hold a special hearing and question Scotty David, who got his own attorney for the proceedings. So what would Judge Furman do now? Learn more about Patreon here.


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