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Scottish football blogger on YouTube appeals to find his missing father

A Scottish football blogger has appealed for people to help find his missing father.

Shop owner Andy Bonnes, 57, was reported missing from Lundin Links in Fife last Tuesday (August 2) and his son, Gordon, spread the word on social media.

Gordon, 23, is an avid Motherwell fan and creates video content for YouTube based on his trips to watch the Lanarkshire club in action at Fir Park.

He was encouraged by the support of the Scottish football community.

“The support I’ve received has been absolutely remarkable. Football is full of cliques, you support one team, people support another, but everyone came together – Rangers, Celtic, Aberdeen, Dundee United fans – everyone.

“I even had footballers retweeting this, including Stuart McKinstry, who plays for Leeds United, and Rab Douglas. We’ve had quite a few big names spread the word, it’s absolutely amazing.

“The best traction I’ve had on all social media interactions has been in times of crisis and that’s because no matter what the relationships are, people will always come together in times of crisis.”

Mr Bonnes went missing Tuesday morning in the Lundin Links/Lower Largo area and Gordon was told about his father’s partner, Kirsty, late Tuesday evening.

He has since been sighted in Edinburgh and Inverkeithing. The most recent sighting reported is of Andy driving to Lundin Links from Leven around 8.55am on Tuesday morning (August 9).

At around 8.55am yesterday (Tuesday August 9), Police Scotland reported a possible sighting of Andy driving to Lundin Links from Leven. He has access to a black Ford Focus, registered DF13ONC. Anyone who was in the area at this time with a dash cam in their vehicle, please check in to help with our investigation.

“It was a shock to me,” Gordon said. “My girlfriend Lindsay has also been there for me. She was my rock in this time of crisis. She was the first person I spoke to and I just burst into tears.

“You always hear about these things happening to other people, but you never expect it to happen to you.

“I’m not as close as I should be, but that’s because the last year has taken me away from Fife.

“He would usually contact me, if something was wrong, but he’s a stubborn character – I get a few traits from him. If he needs help, he’s not going to ask for it and that’s probably his weakness – he doesn’t ask for help as much as he should and I’m exactly the same.

Gordon, who now lives in Penicuik, Midlothian, also sent a heartfelt direct message to his father in the hope that he sees his appeal.

“The first word is ‘why?’ “, he said. “Why did he do that? I just want to repeat the sentence he said to me when I was working in the workshop – everything is fixable.

“We’re not mad at him, we’re not mad at him for doing this. Everything happens for a reason so he will have reasons behind his disappearance, but I just want him to remember that there are people who care about him and he is not alone in the world.


Gordon says his father had a huge influence on who he backed, pushing him away from heavyweight Rangers and Celtic.

His first match at Fir Park saw Motherwell beat Kilmarnock in September 2006. “It was one of the best days of my life,” Gordon said.

“Being a Motherwell fan isn’t the greatest thing, but I still owe him that. More recently I haven’t been very close to him because I left Fife.

“I worked for him because he has a store in Lower Largo and without him I wouldn’t have the experience of dealing with customers and of course my love for football.

“When he wasn’t working, while I was in high school, that was when I was closest to him. Then I started going to Motherwell games on my own and he would come at an odd odd or two – the days I went to games with him were the days I was closest to him.

“I asked my mum last night (Tuesday) for pictures and of the few she sent me this one stood out because you just have to look back and see how how happy we were – if we could ever be as happy and as carefree as we were then, or even half as much, then I think I would live a truly happy life.

Gordon Bonnes and his father Andy with the Scottish Cup.Twitter
Gordon Bonnes and his father Andy with the Scottish Cup.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: ‘Andy Bonnes, reported missing from Lundin Links on August 2, was believed to have been in Edinburgh and the Inverkeithing area on Thursday August 4.

“Andy last wore a black jacket and a black baseball cap. Any information that can help us find Andy would be greatly appreciated.