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Shatta Wale promises to send blogger to jail this year to learn the meaning

According to Shatta Wale, who was remanded in custody for ten days in Ankaful prison last year after being arrested and charged with publishing false news, the Ghanaian “bloggers are spreading false information in the country,“and he wants to teach them a lesson.

He communicated this via a Facebook post amid the controversy that sparked his fight with Burna Boy. “This year alone I want to make sure a blogger goes to jail and learns what a professional is,” he said.

Its reason is that “while Nigerian bloggers praise theirs in current situation, Ghanaian bloggers spread fake news in the country“.

He continued that “this is what I told a great policeman that if they don’t check these things there will be no disciplines in the country… I fought for false prophecies And I will still fight bloggers this year Look at me !!! Shatta Wale !!!“.

Shatta Wale has launched a laudable fight to ensure that Ghanaian artists are also respected and promoted in Nigeria, just as the Ghanaian media, show promoters and fans support Nigerian music in Ghana.

However, the controversial dancehall act shot himself in the leg after apparently admitting to a crime of rape which sparked a backlash against him.

As he attacked Burna Boy back and forth in recent days, the Ghanaian dancehall seems to have admitted to raping someone. “Because he’s a rapist, he’s jealous that I did the same to his girlfriend. Because it’s his job. Rape of jealousy @burnaboy,“he tweeted.

Meanwhile, according to Shatta Wale, his Tweet doesn’t mean he raped anyone. Minutes after his post went viral, he shared another tweet to say that “you can’t stop my glare… i will never rape a girl if you don’t understand my english… fuck you… the pussy“.

However, Shatta Wale’s explanation and denial was not accepted by many who still criticize him with others calling for his arrest or marks to rescind the deals with him if he does not withdraw the comment.

See the tweets below for what some tweeps have said about Shatta Wale’s rape comment.