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Smithtown food blogger seeks Mr. Right in Lifetime’s ‘5 Guys a Week’

A Smithtown food blogger is among those who braved Lifetime’s new reality series ‘5 Guys a Week,’ in which a quintet of men live in a woman’s house while she sees them as romantic prospects for seven days.

And since 25-year-old Sydney Austin currently lives with her parents, that meant the inevitable parenting question: What, are you crazy?

“Yeah,” Austin said with a laugh. “They said that! At first my mum was like, ‘There’s no way you’re doing this – your dad is going to have a conniption, we just had my house redone, are you okay? be like ‘Jersey Shore’ guys?’ But eventually, she says, her parents rallied: “It took a lot to convince them and for them to see the bigger picture that this is something you should only try once.” once in a lifetime. They talked to the producers a lot to get comfortable with the people who would be there to set up the cameras. They pretty much just didn’t want their house to be damaged – so it doesn’t s wasn’t even about my safety!”

The episode, which filmed for a week in January and aired Wednesday at 10:03 p.m., shows Austin meeting Andrew, 33, director of e-commerce operations in New York; Andrey, 35, marketer from Hackensack, New Jersey; David, 24, substitute teacher from Endwell, New York; Doug, 30, a Yonkers union carpenter; and Zach, 28, a systems technician from Tamaqua, Pennsylvania.

The men sleep on air mattresses in the finished basement of the four-bedroom home, do chores like cooking and play games ranging from ax throwing to forever. They also meet Austin’s friends, his parents (Howard, a medical device salesman, and Lorraine, a Reiki master) and his brother Tyler, who lives in Brooklyn. An older sister, Arielle, lives in Delray Beach, Florida, where Sydney Austin is in the process of moving.

“I would say the weirdest thing was being really comfortable with the people you just met,” says Austin, who posts on Instagram as @foodieonthefork. “I wasn’t used to getting up in the morning and going downstairs in my pajamas with no makeup on and my hair in a mess and seeing someone you just met yesterday,” she says. “You’re just thrown into your day-to-day life with someone you just met. So the only choice is to be kind of vulnerable and deal with it.”

Austin, who grew up in Smithtown, graduated in 2015 from Smithtown High School West before earning a communications degree from SUNY Oneonta. She works remotely as a technical recruiter for recruiting firm SingleSprout, which she says gave her a week off to do the show.

And while she found romance there, that’s not why she’s moving to the Sunshine State. “Florida has always been one of my life goals, moving there,” she says. “I promised myself I would. So, no, no, no, not for a guy, just for me.”