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Sophia Momodu tearfully criticizes blogger who said she fought against baby’s second mom Davido while on vacation in Ghana

  • Davido’s first baby mum Sophia Momodu said she would no longer remain silent when criticized on social media
  • Mother-of-one said she was constantly criticized for six years despite being kind and gentle
  • Sophia then asked why people love hate, adding that they end up turning something beautiful into negativity.

Sophia Momodu reacted to a post from a blogger who said she had fought against Davido and her second mom, Amanda, while they were on vacation with their children in Ghana.

The blogger said that Sophia didn’t want Amanda to be close to Davido and that she got into a fight with her at a club where they were going to have fun.

In response, the mother-of-one went live to her Instagram page and slammed the blogger who posted the post. According to Sophia, it has been two years since Imade saw Hailey and she fought to make the vacation possible.

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Sophia Momodu, Davido and Amanda
Sophia Momodu reacts to the news that she has had a fight with Davido and her second baby mom. Photos: @thesophiamomodu, @davido, @laplubelle
Source: Instagram

Sophia said she would never allow people’s hatred to reach her daughter and sister, noting that it affects children when the family is in a mess.

She also noted that she would start talking, swearing not to be silent as her daughter is growing up and could probably see everything that is said about her.

Watch her talk below:

Nigerians react


“Let’s be honest, Sophia receives the most hate of all her BMs and I don’t even understand why. People love to assume things. In the end, he’s the father of her child and there’s nothing hard to have a cordial relationship with him Just because she posts when she hangs out with him and another baby mom isn’t posting, that doesn’t make one more mature than the other.

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“You leave her alone !! In fact, I love her SM. She is a good mother and she always gives off positive vibes.”


“You are already allowing hatred to affect children by saying that you fought for their ticket. You didn’t have to include this, but what do I know. “


“I really feel sorry for Sophia but she would have ignored it… I guess it’s not that easy… let her heal the best she can… She human too.”

sugar lips:

“You should free this lady now.kilode.”


“It’s always women who denigrate and discredit her in the comments, nawa o.”

it’s my daughter too

During this time, reported earlier that Imade in a cute short video asked her mother why she wasn’t the mother of her stepsister, Hailey.

In response, her mother told her that she was also his daughter. Imade says but Hailey has a mother. The mother replied:

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“She’s his mum and I’m his mum too.”

Throughout the conversation, Hailey remained smiling.