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‘Sweet and spicy’: Travel blogger’s post about eating ramen with ice cream divides foodies online

Just when we started to think that weird dessert variations instant noodles like Maggi was an Indian thing, we were wrong. By Japan, that too. In the latest addition to the growing list of bizarre internet food fads, a viral video from Japan shows an unusual combo of ramen with ice cream and has foodies online quickly divided.

The odd offering of miso ramen served with soft serve ice cream was spotted at an Osaka restaurant called Franken. The short video shared by travel blogger Jesse Ogundiran shows the popular restaurant serving the hot soup dish with the cold dessert for “just $10”.

In a reel posted to Instagram, Ogundiran explains that the dish is topped with a vanilla and chocolate ice cream cone. And while it may seem odd, he says the creaminess and sweetness of the ice cream perfectly balances the spiciness of the ramen.

With nearly 3.5 million views, the unique meal – reminiscent of an old fashion for a sweet-spicy version of Fanta Maggi – has certainly intrigued many people online. Many asked Ogundiran if he would try the dish again, to which he replied, “The ice cream dulls the spiciness of the soup, giving it a chewy taste. I will definitely have it again!

As you can imagine, not everyone was up for the idea of ​​a creamy ramen. While some foodies seemed fine with adding vanilla ice cream to ramen, a few were unsure about chocolate. However, many have argued that cocoa is actually bitter, so it could act as a “great neutralizer”, with one adding: “Chocolate goes better with savory than you might think.”