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Melbourne restaurant owner’s scathing response to food blogger’s request

A Melbourne micro-influencer asked to try a restaurant in return for social media posts – and the owner didn’t like it. A restaurant owner in Melbourne has been infuriated by a micro-influencer’s request to ‘try out’ his restaurant in exchange for Instagram posts. John Lethlean, food writer for The Australianshared posts between food blogger Elle […]

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Fitness blogger shares tips for growing your booty – from eating more to workouts

Want to know how you can grow your loot? Going to the gym is one thing to see progress, but it’s also about the food you eat. When it comes to growth, eating more is crucial, otherwise you won’t get fat no matter how hard you train. An Instagram influencer revealed the “secret” to growing […]

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Council spends £1,200 on travel blogger to promote one of Yorkshire’s most popular seaside towns

Scarborough Council has spent over £1,000 on a travel blogger to promote tourism in the seaside town of Whitby. £1,245 plus £145 in expenses was paid to ‘You Could Travel’ blogger as part of a campaign by Scarborough Borough Council to attract tourists to Whitby, a YorkshireLive access to information request revealed. “You Could Travel” […]

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Blogger takes on Swadlincote and Stretton in bizarre online rant

A blogger slammed Swadlincote and Stretton in a scathing and bizarre online rant. The poster says they moved from Stretton to Swadlincote two years ago – and have taken plenty of faults with both locations. They recognize that Swadlincote is an old mining town, but obviously give little credit to its magnificent industrial past. Instead, […]