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Pune-based food blogger shares ‘Indian way’ of eating sushi; Internet users react

The traditional Japanese dish, sushi, has gained popularity around the world. However, some people find it difficult to eat the dish with chopsticks and often spill the food off the plate. Recently, a food blogger from Pune shared the “Indian way” of eating sushi without using chopsticks. The video caught the attention of social media […]

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Food Blogger Tries ‘Candy Crush Paratha’ at Delhi’s Famous Paranthewali Gali; Would you?

the bizarre food trends keep coming, and it seems like there’s no stopping them. If you like to try new dishes, you can help yourself to a serving of what is now called the “Candy Crush Paratha”. Taking its name from the addictive smartphone game of the same name, the sweet Paratha is now available […]

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Watch: Blogger cooks a quick sandwich at Gol Gappa; Divides Internet

The current wave of viral content on the internet has prompted many cooking enthusiasts to try out new and often weird cooking recipes. Over the past couple of years, we have admired so many unique food combinations on the internet, but we haven’t had enough of these startling videos. Lately, gol gappa (pani puri) has […]

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Watch: Delhi Food Blogger Tries Roohafza Chai; His opinion divided the internet

The love of the cellar is something that all Indians have in common! Sipping a hot cup of tea on a cold evening is the ultimate comfort for most of us. We spend our evening with a cup of tea in one hand and a snack in the other! Like most foods, the cellar has […]

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This food blogger tasting Rooh Afza Maggi has netizens freaking out. See the viral video

New Delhi: From Maggi laddoo to Maggi chocolate to Fanta Maggi, we’ve seen many bizarre ways people serve or eat their Maggi. Taking this to a whole new level, a Delhi street vendor was found serving Maggi topped with the sweet rose concentrate we know as Rooh Afza, a summertime favorite in the subcontinent. . […]

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Doggo can’t help but stare at his blogger mom as she pulls out onto the balcony. Watch | Tendency

This video posted to Instagram shows a cute pooch looking out on the balcony while his blogger mom shoots. Dogs are the most playful and love to cover their humans with their full attention, all the time! Just like this one called Rio, who couldn’t help but watch her human mother from inside the house […]

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Japanese food blogger goes viral after trying British roast dinner for the first time

A Japanese food blogger has gone viral on TikTok after posting about the first attempt at a traditional British roast dinner. Ariyo Fukui, 27, who goes by @tomatoariyo on the platform, lives in Bristol after moving to the UK from Tokyo. On Saturday, Fukui posted a video about his summer visit to the Brent House […]