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The 26-year-old beauty blogger says using SEMEN as a face cream is the key to glowing skin.

According to the 26-year-old beauty blogger, the secret to glowing skin is using SEMEN as your face cream.

A beauty blogger claims she saves money on expensive cosmetics by using a friend’s sperm as face cream and storing it in her fridge.

Kelly Zolanski, 26, from New York, was first inspired to use the body fluid after seeing a video online about how much ‘nutrient and protein’ it contained and decided to give it a try for a natural glow.

The bachelorette sent a cryptic text to a friend, asking if he would be her supplier, before shyly welcoming her into her home and dropping some cash into a tub in her bathroom.

Kelly admits the gloopy natural product gets “flaky” as it dries and is “difficult to maintain supply” if you’re single.

Kelly can be seen patting the translucent cream onto her skin and noticing its “illuminating” effects before saying “it smells weird but it’s good” in a video.

Kelly’s video has been viewed over 3.3 million times on TikTok, with over 299,300 likes and 11,800 comments.

She explained, “It’s a cheap, homemade alternative to expensive brands.”

‘I keep it in the fridge in a jar.

Because I live alone, no one will need to see him while they prepare breakfast.

‘I saw a video on TikTok of a girl explaining how much nutrition and protein [semen]contains, and how some people use it for facial care.

“I’m currently single and called a friend of mine.”

I asked him on FaceTime if he could send me some of his cum.

“When I told him what I was going to do with it, he said I was crazy.”

Human semen is an antioxidant that has been claimed to reduce wrinkles and smooth skin.

Spermine facials are now available in New York, and the substance is even sold by a Norwegian company called Bioforskning.

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According to’s Oscar Hevia, there’s some truth to this weird beauty tip.

“Proteolytic enzymes, designed to break down proteins, are found in semen.

These enzymes, if applied to the skin, could theoretically help break down the patchy, thickened dead layer of older, sun-damaged skin.

The skin may feel smoother as a result.

“However, this is only possible if you apply it every day for a few days or weeks.”

It wouldn’t be practical as a “mask” either, as it’s a bodily fluid that won’t stay stable on the outside…

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Kelly Zolanski, 26, from New York, saves money by using a friend’s semen as an Inspirational cream after seeing a video about the amount of ‘nutrients and protein’ in semen’