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The bloggers and guest journalists program is a great success: SLTDA – Business News

The Visiting Blogger Program (VBP) and Visiting Journalist Program (VJP) as part of the influencer marketing effort to promote the Sri Lanka destination is a big success than initially expected, Sri Lanka Tourism said.

Attributing the increase in tourist arrivals seen in recent months to promotional efforts by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA), President Kimarli Fernando said the latest campaign “goes beyond the known and presents a side of Sri Lanka known to the world. never seen before. ”

“Those responsible for the island’s recent rise to fame could hardly have hoped for a better response, as the world has sat down and taken notice,” Fernando said in a media statement.

She shared that under VBP and VJP, specialty content created in the country by popular travel thrills and e-influencers, has reached over 2.8 million views on YouTube alone.

According to Fernando, it is these efforts that have helped present Sri Lanka as one of the safest destinations for post-Covid travel.

SLTDA reported that some of the more recent efforts also include extensive coverage of the island by 23 international mainstream media publications, travel writers and international travel influencers.

It is estimated that the campaigns deployed so far have generated a combined reach, via social media and other online platforms, of over 72 million viewers and advocates.

“In the past three months alone, more than 500 individual social media posts and online news articles have brought the island to light. The world’s biggest media have also taken notice and this year alone several leading media platforms have pleaded for Sri Lanka, ”Fernando added.

As Sri Lanka Tourism continues to aggressively promote the country through influencers, a recent assessment of the country’s brand health by MDF and Twenty 31 Consulting Inc highlighted the need for the island nation to correct its marketing mix and promotional efforts. .

Discussions by global travel industry experts after the launch of the report highlighted that Sri Lanka must also renew its approach and focus on other marketing efforts, as surveys conducted reveal that trust in Bloggers and influencers started to decline across the world after the Covid-19 outbreak.