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The fashion blogger look is the hottest trend of 2022

Lyst’s new Born Online Chart identifies youth-led movements in the fashion industry based on online virality. Revealing three categories among ‘Hottest’, ‘Moving Fast’ and ‘Emerging’, the monthly chart showcases key trends and their creators. From the hottest brands to the latest social media aesthetics, data is informed by the global fashion platform’s 160 million shoppers, including searches, conversion rates and sales.

For February 2022, the 2010s “Fashion Blogger” look was revealed as the hottest aesthetic taking over luxury fashion. With searches for Balenciaga’s City bag up 37%, there’s an indication that the Y2K aesthetic will continue to cross social media platforms and subsequent product releases. From the online revival of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to the re-emergence of UGG boots, this aesthetic is destined to inspire a new generation of bloggers.

In the “Moving Fast” category, Lyst ranks brown as Gen Z’s favorite color with a 32% month-over-month increase in searches for brown clothing. This idea mirrors recent launches, including a maroon colorway of Nike’s Air Jordan 1 Mid.

For “emerging” trends, check out “Haute Grunge,” which encompasses messy, moody, pajama-infused glamour, as seen on Bella Hadid and Pete Davidson. To coincide with the grunge movement, Lyst reports 200% month-over-month growth for searches for “plaid shirts.”

Notably, the hottest trend for January 2022 was “Indie Sleaze,” with skinny jeans and sheer tops making a comeback among online searches. Moreover, the aesthetic born of Euphoria are moving fast on the internet and inspiring searches for crystal-embellished catsuits and cut-out pieces.

For more details, visit Lyst’s Born line chartwhich will be updated monthly.