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This food blogger tasting Rooh Afza Maggi has netizens freaking out. See the viral video

New Delhi: From Maggi laddoo to Maggi chocolate to Fanta Maggi, we’ve seen many bizarre ways people serve or eat their Maggi. Taking this to a whole new level, a Delhi street vendor was found serving Maggi topped with the sweet rose concentrate we know as Rooh Afza, a summertime favorite in the subcontinent. .

It may sound shocking but it’s true and a video of the Delhi street vendor serving Maggi in this way had left many people with varying emotions ranging from disgust to anger to laughter.

Food blogger @oye.foodie’s recent Instagram post shows a short reel that begins with the vendor shaking a bottle of Rooh Afza. He then prepares Maggi in a saucepan and adds the sweet rose syrup as a sauce.

While the video shows the blogger tasting the dish, but the reel ends without him sharing his opinion. His reaction, however, says it all.

Take a look at the video here and check out the reactions as well.

The Instagram video garnered 4 million views, 117,000 likes and several comments which left many unhappy. One user commented: “Please leave the Maggi alone, what’s wrong with people?” Another user said, “I thought Maggi Chocolate was the worst we could do. Why can’t this year at least end in peace.”

Maggi’s Past Adventures

Maggi, Nestlé’s brand of instant noodles, arrived in India in the late 1980s and quickly became a popular snack, even comfort food for many.

People love experimenting with Maggi – some add vegetables, eggs or chicken pieces to it, some like it with cheese and many just boil it with lots of water and make it like a soup.

However, people have also been adventurous with the popular brand of instant noodles.

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