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This Mumbai Food Blogger Asking Delhi Vendor “Radga Pani Puri” Is Too Relatable

There are always banter between Delhiites and Mumbaikars about who has the best street food options. This time, banter has taken precedence over the famous Indian street food. This particular street food goes by different names all over India. Gol Gappa or Pani Puri are salt water balls. You may have also tasted the food product in another city with a different name. Now, a video is making the rounds on social media, where a food blogger jokes about the same dish with a different preparation.

Mumbai food blogger Disha Kaushik shared a video of herself struggling at first to have a conversation with Delhi’s gol gappa vendor. In the video, Disha can be heard asking the vendor to give her pani puri, to which he replied, “Gol Gappa, Suji Wale yaa Aate ke (water balls made from semolina or wheat).” Also, in the video, she asked him to add Ragda as well. Seller asked about Ragda and said they didn’t have it.

The caption of the video read: “They don’t have Ragda in Delhi, Kya karu mai ab? (What should I do now?) To be honest I will prefer Mumbai pani Puri better Delhi only has Khata pani (sour water) which they call spicy water which is not spicy at all.

Since the video was shared, his comments section is now the battleground of all Delhiites and Mumbaikars. “Mumbai pani puri is the best,” one user commented. While someone shared their experience with radga pani puri and said, “I am from Punjab and I remember when I had gol gappe in Mumbai! I didn’t know they served it hot! mera muh jaal gya (my tongue got burned) and the bhaiya laughed.

Recently, Mira Kapoor on her YouTube channel said that she still hasn’t decided that Mumbai doesn’t have momos. She mentioned the cultural differences of the two cities.

Take a look here at the video:

“There are no momos in Mumbai. It’s still not settled with me,” she said.

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