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This Vietnamese food blogger eating jalebi for the first time is a treat to watch

Desserts must be one of the things we Indians can’t get enough of. We usually end our meals on a “sweet” note with something or the other. There are a myriad of Indian desserts to choose from, whether it’s a spongy Rasmalai or a tantalizing Mysore Pak. Jalebi is one such popular dish which is enjoyed all over the country. This hearty delight is made with a runny batter that is fried until crisp, then coated in saffron and syrupy syrup. However, what is as satisfying as enjoying our food of choice is seeing someone of a different nationality try our food and cherish it. When a Vietnamese food blogger tried Jalebi, it became clear why it is so popular. She also posted a video of her reaction to Jalebi. Look at this.

Blogger named Soy visited an Indian restaurant in the US state of California with her Indian friend Pratik, where she tasted the Indian dessert for the first time. “I’m trying Jalebi for the first time! It reminds me of a really well done funnel cake drenched in saffron syrup. Have you ever had it?” the video is captioned.

At the start of the video, Soy explains that she has no idea how much the jalebi cost because they got it for free. Pratik then says that the restaurant never charged him jalebis since he was a kid. After taking a few bites, Soy said she really liked the texture and taste of the syrup. She then asked if Jalebi was served with tea or on its own, to which Pratik said it was like a roadside snack. It is apparent from her reaction that she enjoyed the dessert.

Many users liked her enjoying the Indian sweet and gave her other recommendations in the comments, like trying Jalebis with vanilla ice cream and rabri.

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