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UK court orders Apst Johnson Suleman to pay US blogger Maureen Badejo €19,000 – Reuters

A UK court has fined the founder and general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

The Queens Bench Division of the UK High Court of Justice has ordered Suleman to pay £19,601 as part of the penalties in the lawsuit he brought against London-based blogger Maureen Badejo alleging a defamation of character.

Maureen had earlier been summoned to appear in the Queen’s Bench Division of the UK High Court of Justice for alleged defamation of the Nigerian cleric.

Our correspondent has gathered a report on how Nigerians in the Diaspora have increased Badejo’s legal fees to defend themselves against Apostle Suleman in court.

The GIOTV host had asked for the support of her many viewers, fans and relatives to help her financially with legal costs.

In the decision of the UK Judge, His Honor Judge Lewis, and obtained by SaharaReporters, with Claim NO: QB-2022-000504 and dated March 10, 2022, Apostle Suleman’s claim was dismissed.

The court ordered Apostle Suleman to pay Maureen Badejo the costs of the petition, summarily assessed at £19,601.

The judgment reads: “UPON Plaintiff’s request by notice filed February 18, 2022, for an interim injunction restraining Defendant from posting further allegedly defamatory broadcasts concerning Plaintiff and requiring Plaintiff to remove prior broadcasts (“the request” wink

“AND AFTER Plaintiff has issued a Claim Form on February 16, 2022 AND AFTER Judge Nicklin’s order dated February 21 giving directions for the hearing of the motion (“the order” wink

“AND HAVING read the evidence filed on behalf of the plaintiff and defendant under the order

“AND AFTER hearing Razak Atunwa from the plaintiff’s lawyer and Gervase from

“Wilde of counsel for the defendant at a hearing on March 10, 2022 (“the hearing” wink AND AFTER the Court rendered judgments ex tempore at the hearing of (1) the

“Request, and (2) the costs of and occasioned by the Request AND AFTER the Claimant agrees either to serve the Claim Form in accordance with the CPR within the period of its validity if notified, or to notify the counsel for the Defendant and the Court that the proceedings will not be pursued;

“IT IS ORDERED that: The Motion is dismissed. The plaintiff will pay the defendant’s costs occasioned by the application, summarily assessed at the sum of £19,601. »