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‘Vile’: Australian blogger DaDMuM takes aim at body-shamers

A popular Australian blogger has taken aim at cruel bullies who scrutinized photos of his wife posted on his Facebook page, calling the attacks “disgusting”.

A popular Australian parenting blogger has hit out at ‘trolls’ who scrutinized photos of his wife posted on Facebook.

In a post that garnered more than 20,000 reactions, Brad Kearns, the inspirational father of the DaDMuM team, which has 323,000 followers, called the bullying of his wife Sarah, aka Mrs. DaDMuM, “disgusting” and said said she had to stop.

He revealed that the bullies even went so far as to use the couple’s photographs as their own profile pictures, while criticizing his wife’s body.

Speaking to, his wife Sarah said of dealing with bullies: “I try to remember that if I didn’t ask their opinion I shouldn’t let their negative opinions bother me. .”

Brad’s brave Facebook post read, “Something I’ll never understand is when a bunch of mean trolls decide to get together and make fun of a woman’s body.

“Call me a dwarf. Say my teeth are bad. That I look like I’m 10 years older than me. Honestly, I don’t care. I’ll still go down to the beach and dance to your sorry ass in my Budgie Smugglers.

“But to join a group. Using our photographs as your own profile pictures and making the daily effort of scrutinizing a mom’s body is absolutely disgusting.

“The woman you are teasing is the most fulfilled person in the world. She is happy. She is surrounded by amazing friends and family and she does her best for others.

“She’s so classy she’d never even recognize it. But I refuse to let that go unnoticed.

“You revolt. You are vile. You are faceless and gutless. You’re not half the person my wife is. And I know this because none of you would dare to come out and fall on your sword.

“The only person she needs to impress is herself. Not you. Not me. Not just anyone.

“She’s my beautiful wife. Look at her smile.

The comments section on their Facebook page was overflowing with support, and Sarah said, “When they go low, we go high.

“I wouldn’t trade places with any of them – no matter what I look like. To be so miserable as to subscribe to a forum to hate and judge others so viciously and look at them so obsessively – they must be living very, very sad lives.

“Happy people don’t do that. I hope they find some happiness.