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Viral video: Food blogger makes drink from mango caramel; Internet calls it harmful

There is a range of caramel flavors that can easily be found in any store in the world today. But for us kids of the 80s or 90s, the two most popular flavors were orange and mango! We would buy bundles of them from the local market and share them with our friends and siblings. And that’s not all, whether we were having a birthday party or a school picnic, a packet of these toffees was a must-have. But what if we told you that someone turned our favorite mango caramel into a drink? Would you believe us ?! Well, believe it or not, recently a food blogger made a ‘kasha mango bite’ caramel drink. This combination has undoubtedly left many people confused.

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In a short reel posted by @cookwith_drrupali, the food blogger can be seen brewing a mint-green-looking drink from the mango caramels. In the video, she first took 8-10 caramels and crushed them to form a powder. Then in a glass, she added the powder with ice. Finally, the blogger added a clear soft drink to complete the creation. Watch the video here:

Since the video was posted, it has garnered 7.5 million views, with over four lakh likes and multiple comments! Many people said they would try this drink as well, while some said the combination could be harmful to their health.

One user wrote: “This is a very unique drink.” Another user said: “I will definitely try this.” Some users even indicated that “not too healthy to eat more than 10 candy disguised as a drink”. Speaking of the risk of having this drink, one user also said that “there have been fatal cases when soda and candy are combined, it is definitely a risk”.

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