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Wait what!? Food blogger uses iron to make grilled cheese sandwich

The internet is full of exciting and innovative ideas that can change the way we see things! Especially in the realm of cooking, a simple kitchen hack can make a herculean task much easier. Today we found a cooking hack that may or may not be useful, but it is truly mind-blowing! A food blogger saw a trick to make a grilled cheese sandwich without having a sandwich maker, and the trick will blow your mind! Do you know what they used to make the sandwich? Not the tawa, not the oven or the microwave, but an iron. Yes, you read that right ! The hack uses an iron, a device we use to iron our clothes, to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Now you must be wondering, how is that even possible. The food blogger tried the method and it turns out the result is crispy and delicious.

To make a grilled cheese sandwich using an iron, first assemble the sandwich. All you have to do is place cheese on a slice of bread, sprinkle it with oregano and chili flakes, and place another bread to close the sandwich. Now wrap the sandwich in foil, making sure the sandwich is completely covered. Then place the hot iron over the foil-wrapped sandwich and let it cook for 20-30 seconds on each side. The sandwich is toast! The video was uploaded by @thinktravelfood and it garnered 295,000 views and 18,000 likes.

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Here’s what people have commented about this iron grilled cheese sandwich hack:

“Bhoot force se press Kiya aap ney bread ka hal tho dhekho …yaar simply superb” (You pressed the iron too hard, look at the condition of the bread.. simply superb)


“It’s a good idea”

“iron sandwich”

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