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Watch: Blogger Reviews Unique KitKat Flavors Like Cheesecake and Milk Tea

Growing up watching international TV shows and movies meant drooling over all the specialties the actors would feast on! Our obsession with these foods was such that we could have identified them at first glance, without ever having tasted them. Flaming hot cheetos, boba tea and instant ramen are some of these international food items that are finally hitting Indian markets. Along with this, other on-screen food items that thrilled our taste buds were chocolates. From sinful chocolate desserts to uniquely flavored chocolate bars, we’ve always craved the many chocolate treats featured in our favorite sitcoms and movies. One of them is KitKat! Although generic chocolate KitKat is the popular option available in the country, we know there are many other great international flavors that we may never try.

What if we can’t try them? We can at least know if they are worth it! A Canadian blogger posted a video of himself trying out different unique flavored KitKat bars and rated them on a scale of 1 to 10 on flavor accuracy.

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Bilal Bhatti is a blogger who has an Instagram page dedicated to food and martial arts. On his page, @golden.gully, are many other videos where Bilal tries food items ranging from desi to international. The video that recently caught our attention is one where he could be seen testing out four uniquely flavored KitKat bars. He tries cheesecake, melon, milk tea and strawberry flavors. He rates them respectively 4.1/10, 8.2/10, 5.4/10 and 8.7/10. The flavor that intrigued us the most was the milk tea, the blogger states that it doesn’t taste like chai, more like a really bad chai substitute. Take a look at the video here:

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Some of the viewers also left comments about their favorite flavors and how much would they rate them. Some of the best reviews are:

“Hokkaido melon is my favorite KitKat flavor! 10/10 for me!”

“I was expecting 3.12487 for the chai flavor”

“I’ve tried all of these and will still prefer the original if I’m going to be honest hbu?”

“I also tasted the mango… it was really very good”

“Honeycomb KitKat is the best I’ve ever had. Like it’s the most realistic flavor.”

“Yum! I actually love milk tea. It’s not meant to be spicy like chai, but more like a floral black tea with lots of milk and sugar.”

Did you taste any unique KitKat flavors that you liked? Let us know in the comments below.