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Watch: Vietnamese food blogger reacts to South Indian food for the first time

Even though we like to eat, there is another thing we might enjoy a little more than that. Any guesses on what it could be? Well let me tell you, it’s those reaction videos when a stranger tries our traditional food. These reaction videos always make us curious and think about how other people like our food. The best part is that the internet is full of such videos. It can be someone who tries our traditional Indian dishes or even the famous Maggi noodles. This type of content always amuses us. Recently, a Vietnamese food blogger @foodwithsoy shared her experience of having idli, vada and chutneys for the first time. @foodwithsoy often uploads videos when she tries new dishes and shares them with her audience.

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In this recent video, we can see the food blogger sitting with a plate of idli, vada, sambhar and three chutneys – tamarind, coconut and green chutney. As she tries idli first, she says she is glad to have idli. She also informs her audience that idli is made with rice and is famous in South India. After having the idli, she says it’s buttery and delicious.

Then, when she tries the vada, she dips it in sambhar and chutney. She says “it tastes really good”. Take a look at the video here:

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Since the blogger uploaded this video, it has been viewed 154,000 times, has 11.2,000 likes and hundreds of comments! Many people in the comments section said they love South Indian cuisine. Some people even said they could teach him how to make idlis at home. One person wrote: “Daughter I will show you how to make idli and also how to eat it with chutney and sambhar. Another person wrote, “You should get an idli steamer!! So delicious when fresh. Also, you can make sambar in a rice cooker! I did this for Onam this year.”

Some users even commented, “Sounds amazing! You should also try the idlis with a hot bowl of sambar. It’s even better.” One user also wrote, “South India is the best!!! I can eat everyday if I have access to it!!”

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A user also told him the correct way to have idli. The user wrote, “Usually when we eat idli we don’t cut it in half like this. sambar and it’s even better!”

Many people also asked for the names of restaurants where they could try South Indian cuisine.

If you also want to make it at home, here we offer you the recipe for idli, vada and sambhar which can be made in a jiffy! Try it and let us know how you liked their taste.