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Watch: Vietnamese food blogger tries Jalebi for the first time, here’s her reaction

If there’s one thing we Indians can’t get enough of, it’s desserts. We indeed have a penchant for ending our meals sweetly with one thing or another. Whether it’s a spongy Rasmalai or a tempting Mysore Pak, there are a plethora of Indian desserts to choose from. Jalebi is also one of those delicious desserts which is a hit across the country. A runny batter is fried until crispy and coated in saffron and sweet syrup to make this hearty treat. The popularity of Jalebi was highlighted when a Vietnamese food blogger tried this delicious delicacy. She also shared a reaction video to the Jalebi. Looked:

The clip was shared on Instagram Reels by blogger @foodbysoy, where it received 201k views and 14.6k likes. “I’m trying Jalebi for the first time! It’s known as the national sweet of India. It reminds me of a really well done funnel cake dipped in saffron syrup,” she wrote in the caption of his video.

The blogger first explained how she was able to try the Jalebi for free thanks to an Indian friend. She also said that she had heard a lot about it, which made her excited to try it. Taking the first bite, she exclaimed, “It’s very sweet. Lots of syrup taste. I really like the texture.” She then asked if Jalebi was eaten with tea or on its own. We could tell the blogger enjoyed the treat as much as we did!

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Jalebi is a popular Indian dessert.

He’s not the only person we’ve seen trying Indian food in the recent past. Recently, an Italian also went viral after trying the popular Samosa. Her reaction made a must-watch video and got lots of love from Instagram users! Click here to learn more about her first Samosa experience.

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