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Weird! Blogger makes cotton candy in dryer, Reddit can’t even

The internet is a great place, especially for newbie cooks. There are tons of quick and easy DIY tips and hacks that can make cooking a hassle-free experience. However, not everything you see on the internet can be replicated in real life. An example would be a recent video from a blogger who decided the clothes dryer could be a great appliance for making homemade cotton candy! Believe it or not, the blogger actually documented the whole process of using the dryer as a cotton candy maker. Take a look at the video that was shared on Reddit:

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User u/stuarty shared the video to the Reddit subreddit r/StupidFood, where it went viral receiving over 13.6,000 upvotes. “I’m at a loss for words,” the user captioned the video. The original clip was shared by blogger Tammy Louise on TikTok.

In the nearly 3-minute clip, Louise explains how a dryer can be used to make homemade cotton candy. She first adds a lot of sugar to the drum of the front-loading machine. Then, instead of liquid detergent, she adds a can of blueberry soda to the dryer drawer. She then explains that the cotton candy would be ready in minutes and would settle in the dryer vent.

Many have called this food experiment of making homemade cotton candy fake. Several others expressed concern about the hygiene of the dryer and the fact that it might not work after this odd trial run. Some also pointed out that the temperature in the dryer wouldn’t be high enough to form cotton candy in the first place.

Take a look at the reactions from users on Reddit.

It is certain that this experiment should not be attempted at home at all costs! Whether you end up with cotton candy or not, this bizarre stunt would definitely ruin your washing machine or dryer. What did you think of the strange cotton candy experiment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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