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Who is Katrin Zytomerska as critical blogger Gerard Pique on Instagram?

Gerard Pique is making headlines again after Swedish blogger and TV personality Katrin Zytomerska slammed him in an Instagram post after allegedly meeting him recently.

Although Katrin’s Instagram account is set to private, a screenshot of her post has gone viral on social media with multiple outlets covering it as well.

It’s only been about two weeks since Shakira announced her split from Gerard after 11 years of dating.

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Who is Katrin Zytomerska?

Katrin Zytomerska is a well-known Swedish television personality, blogger and businesswoman.

She has hosted Swedish shows like MTV’s Sunday Supreme (2008), Idol Extra (2008-2009) and Motet (2020), among others.

The lifestyle blogger and influencer, 44, is also the founder of Clean Eating. She founded the company in 2012 under the name “”.

It was initially a blog that helped people follow a healthy diet. Four years later, the company also began selling a range of products.

Some of their products are protein bread mix, eco-friendly coconut oil and muesli.

As of this writing, Katrin’s Instagram account is set to private, but she has over 100,000 followers on the platform.

Screenshot of Katrin’s website

Blogger criticizes Gerard Pique on Instagram

The Daily Mail shared a screenshot of Katrin’s Instagram post where she tagged and slammed Pique after their alleged recent date.

“Listen to me you lose,” wrote a fiery Katrin, tagging Pique, “Probably most girls at this party want you xxxx, I see you and immediately think of my son.”

“I was clear with you, I asked you to say hello to my son. You said no,” the TV personality wrote.

She continues to hurl insults at Pique, writing, “Because what are you? A guy who can dribble a ball? That doesn’t impress me much.

“What makes me sad is that fame has been on your mind and it’s pathetic,” she continues.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Katrin also spoke to journalists Lorena Vasquez and Laura Fa and told them: “I asked if he could say ‘hello’ to my son and he said ‘no’. “A little surprised, I asked him again and his answer was the same.”

HITC has contacted Gerard Pique for a comment on Katrin’s alleged Instagram post. But, at the time of publishing this article, we have yet to receive a response.

Shakira announced her separation from Pique just a few weeks ago

Shakira and Pique confirmed their split in a statement saying, “For the well-being of our children, which is our top priority, we ask for their privacy.”

Rumors of Pique cheating started swirling on social media around three weeks ago after a Barcelona-based newspaper made several claims.

In the video podcast of the newspaper “Mamarazzis”, journalists Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez claimed that the FC Barcelona player had been unfaithful to Shakira, his partner for 11 years.

Then, a few days later, Brazilian model Suzy Cortez spoke to El Diario claiming that Pique had sent her inappropriate messages.

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