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Who is Mario Armando Lavendeira Jr? Kanye West calls out Instagram blogger over mental health jokes

Rapper Kanye West’s latest target is media personality Perez Hilton, aka Mario Armando Lavendeira Jr. In an Instagram post uploaded today, the rapper lashed out at the blogger after the latter uploaded a video on Youtube.

West assumed it was a criticism of his sanity. The 44-year-old singer uploaded a photo of the blogger to his Instagram page and wrote:

Kanye ‘Ye’ West’s Instagram attack came less than 24 hours after Mario Armando uploaded a video titled Kanye West’s media implosion! on Youtube.

Armando poked fun at West’s recent internet feuds with ex-wife Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Pete Davidson aka “Skete.” Armando also opened up about West’s issues with fellow singer Billie Eilish.

In addition to shooting Armando, he also criticizes other outlets, including Saturday Night Live, which Davidson often collaborates with. He claimed in a deleted social media post that TMZ and SNL were ganging up on him:

“This gang has tried to intimidate, harass, control, discredit, belittle and patronize me for years.”

Who is Perez Hilton aka Mario Armando?

Better known online as Perez Hilton, the 43-year-old primarily uploads content to Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. He currently has 483,000 followers on Instagram and 345,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The internet personality was born in Miami, Florida. He started his own paparazzi blog in September 2004. His site was sadly named “Hollywood’s Most Hated Website” by The Insider.

Mario Armando is best known for his paparazzi blog (Image via Getty Images)
Mario Armando is best known for his paparazzi blog (Image via Getty Images)

After gaining popularity, he bagged his own reality show Que Perez Sez also on VH1.

Although he created a full fledged career online, he also amassed hate. Many criticized him for his biased reporting on the celebrities who supported him, which he spoke about.

With his work focusing on the secrets and dirty laundry of Hollywood celebrities, he has been criticized for “outing” gay celebrities, including ‘N Sync member Lance Bass and actor Neil Patrick Harris. It comes after he spoke out about gay rights and being gay himself.

Mario Armando has also worked as a managing editor for GLAAD, an LGBTQ rights organization, and was also the editor of gay men’s magazine “Instinct,” making his reporting on gay celebrities ironic.

To add to his extensive work, Mario Armando appeared on a reality show Famous rap superstarcomedy movie Aanother Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!, queen bee and Paris Hilton’s My New BFF: Special Casting among others.

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